Treat uninsured and underinsured personal injury patients without the risk of non-payment!

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Individual Personal Injury Cases

Would you like to be able to take uninsured or underinsured personal injury patients while removing your risk of non-payment or having to accept a reduced payment that may take many months or years to collect?

In so many medical practices and facilities today, self-pay patients often become no-pay patients. Also, if you have historically had to turn away high-risk self-pay personal injury patients in the past because you simply cannot afford to provide services and not be paid, HMR Funding may be able to help.

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Medical Lien Portfolio

You have a large existing portfolio of personal injury medical lien accounts receivables that are aging and therefore crippling your cash flow. You need some relief – you need cash!

Whether you have an A/R portfolio in the tens of millions of dollars or a small number of medical bills, we may be able to pay you a fair price for your accounts receivables. We assume the financial risk and responsibility of collecting on the bills within that portfolio we have purchased from you, relieving you of the administrative burden of tracking each case.

You need a company that you can consistently turn to for help solving your medical cash flow challenges.
You may have resorted to holding letters of protection (LOP) from attorneys to have your services covered by a medical lien on each case, only to now realize that it takes many months or even years to receive payment, with that payment often being severely reduced. This is a frustrating situation for your organization. HMR Funding may be able to help. HMR Funding specializes in evaluating personal injury cases and we may be able to purchase your receivables while removing your risk of non-payment. Whether the legal case is won or lost, you keep your payment from HMR Funding.


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